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About ‘A Place of Inclusion’

The Chinese American Museum and Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary are collaborating to establish “A Place of Inclusion” — a monument to educate visitors about the Chinese Exclusion Act. The monument will be erected at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California. The inspiration for the monument’s design was selected from submissions received from students of Cal Poly Pomona’s School of Environmental Design. In addition to the monument, the “Place of Inclusion” project includes a supplement to existing fourth grade history books used in California schools. This supplement will explain the role and contributions of Chinese immigrants to the United States, as well as the passage and subsequent repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act. The project builds upon the passage of House Resolution 683, which yielded a formal expression of regret by the United States for the Chinese Exclusion Act.

玫瑰崗紀念公園與殯儀館與華美博物館正在合作進行“包容之所”專案,本專案是因眾議院683號決議中美國正式表達對通過排華法案的歉意而發起。 專案其中主要目的透過紀念碑的建立,讓更多人了解排華法案的歷史,紀念碑將設置在加州惠提爾市的玫瑰崗紀念公園,紀念碑設計靈感是由Cal Poly Pomona 環境設計所的學生競圖選出。除“包容之所”外,計劃的另一重點為補充加州小學四年級的現有歷史教科書,補充教材將解釋美國排華法案的內容與影響和中國移民對美國的貢獻,以及法案的通過與廢除歷程。

Please click here to learn more about the Chinese Exclusion Act 0f 1882.

How to be involved 如何參與

Get Involved Fundraising for the construction of the monument and the textbook supplement is currently underway. The success of this project will only be possible through private participation. Please donate so that this important part of American and Chinese-American history will not be lost or forgotten. Donations in any amount are welcome.


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