Collective Resilience: Community Xpressions

Collective Resilience: Asian American Artists Honoring Our Community’s Strength and Unity was an exhibition that ran from September 18, 2021 through December 7, 2022 featuring seven (7) AAPI artists with works that reflect on their varied experiences throughout recent years of increased anti-Asian sentiment. The exhibition celebrated community accomplishments and looked forward to an optimistic future, together.

To explore these themes more broadly, CAM launched Collective Resilience: Community Xpression by inviting creatives to share their artistry, reflections, and inspiration to continue to give voice to our community.

Submissions were featured on our social medias, check them out here!

Asian American History by Jason Chu

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Solidaritron by Bootleg Orchastra

Soaring Tiger by Raymond Wang

Japanese American Concentration Camps by Marlowe Wan-Platt


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When the Poetess, decides to Sing by Liane Lam

He asks me if I had ever seen snow before,

And calls it the China virus-


I think of my days in High School,


Participating in an event, [the Day of Remembrance] ~ commemorative ceremony,

on the Internment of Japanese Americans,


Or preparing research for my paper: TO THE MOUNTAIN OF GOLD,

researching Angel Island.


With my Grandma, I sang Cantonese Opera,


I am a Fifth-generation Chinese Herbalist,


Though some may say our customs are old,


I say value and treasure these things,


Treasure time- For Time is as valuable as gold. However

One cannot buy time with gold.



Thank you for all the submissions!