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Cultural philanthropy is vital to the growth and development of CAM. Your on-going donations are crucial to sustaining a future filled with learning and enjoyment opportunities that encourage and promote a greater shared knowledge about our nation’s cultural past.

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Please support CAM by participating in one or more of the following ways:

Donor Wall

CAM’s beautiful Donor Wall is an artistic representation of an illuminated bamboo forest. Bamboo plants are known for being strong, resilient, and adaptable, and they can establish roots and grow even in the harshest of conditions. These admirable qualities can be applied to the Chinese American experience, thus making the design of the Donor Wall very fitting to the museum.

The Donor Wall reflects the names of organizations and individuals who have contributed to the life and growth of the museum beyond the classic membership level. Patron names are permanently engraved onto the bamboo stalk as a tribute to the donors’ generosity and visionary support of the museum. Recognition begins at the Bronze Patron level ($5,000) and extends as high as the Jade Patron level ($1,000,000 and up). Consider planting your legacy here at CAM, beginning with any of the following levels:

  • $5,000–Bronze Patron
  • $10,000–Silver Patron
  • $25,000–Gold Patron
  • $50,000–Ivory Patron
  • $100,000–Sapphire Patron
  • $250,000–Ruby Patron
  • $500,000–Diamond Patron
  • $1,000,000–Jade Patron

Education Fund

In Southern California today, there is a critical need to inform students of the multicultural contributions and formation of this great region—and you can become an important partner in this endeavor.

CAM is a regional educational center with a mission to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of America’s diverse heritage by researching, preserving, and sharing the history, rich cultural legacy and continuing contributions of Chinese Americans. Through multi-faceted activities including exhibitions, educational programs, community outreach, and publications, the museum illuminates the challenges and achievements of Chinese Americans, from the earliest pioneers to the newest immigrants. The museum serves the general public, as well as targeted audiences that include underserved communities, young people in grades K–12, and Asian Pacific Americans.

Programs and exhibits at CAM shed light on the early experiences of Chinese Americans in Southern California and the contributions they made to the country’s economy, culture, and history. From the first race riot in Los Angeles—the anti-Chinese massacre of 1871—to the letters written by Chinese Americans serving in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, to the Chinese American role in the development of the Californian agricultural industry, there are numerous examples of contributions and experiences of this community that have been largely forgotten, and do not appear in regional K–12 educational curriculum.

There is a vital need to educate a new generation. Teaching students today to appreciate and value our diversity and contributions is the key to combating intolerance and ignorance. While CAM provides educational programs that teach about the contributions of Chinese immigrants and citizens in America, we do so while validating the diversity and contributions of all ethnic groups. Thousands of educators in the greater Los Angeles area are committed to teaching their students about tolerance and diversity. However, they are hard-pressed to find time during the school day to incorporate new topics and educational materials, which is why the museum’s educational programs work within local educational frameworks and the existing mandated curricula, utilizing the material currently being taught. Our educational department creates programs, curricula, and exhibits with direct input from educators and students to make certain that we meet their needs.

A Funding Opportunity—Establishing a Named Education Fund

A contribution of $5,000 to establish a Named Education Fund will enable CAM to pursue the development of a wide range of new and innovative educational activities to provide local and regional schools with programs and exhibits that can enhance current educational curricula covering the history and culture of California.

More than 150 years after Chinese immigrants first arrived on the shores of California, their contributions to the economy, vibrant culture, and history are in danger of being forgotten. We recognize that in providing financial support to CAM, our donors can help ensure that the history of the Chinese American pioneers will impart lessons for future generations. By promoting an understanding of cultural diversity and contributions, we are pledging to fight the dangers of intolerance and ignorance. We invite you to be a visionary partner by establishing a Named Education Fund. Your partnership will help the museum advance its educational mission in a critical way, enabling the museum to serve students, teachers, and the community.

A contribution to create the “Mr. and Mrs. (Last Name) Education Fund” or “ABC Co. Education Fund” will benefit students with the following activities:

Our American Journey: Immigration and Identity

Our American Journey (OAJ) is a student education program that will greatly expand the interactive educational potential of “Journeys,” the most important permanent exhibit at CAM. OAJ traces the development of Chinese immigration and Chinese American life in the United States from 1850 to the present. OAJ will consist of a student activity book and teacher and student workshops on issues like Chinese American culture, history, and identity.

Free Bus Program

One of the greatest challenges for schools is providing enough bus transportation for students and teachers to visit different cultural institutions in the greater Los Angeles area. CAM would like to establish a Free Bus Program, allowing schools from underserved communities to bring their students and teachers to the museum.

Teacher and Student Workshops

CAM would like to continually offer a variety of teacher and student workshops that introduce the different educational resources available at the museum.


The Named Education Fund and contributions from other donors will also be used to help CAM build institutional relationships and partnerships with local schools and teachers, in order to help us create new programs and exhibits that will benefit students in Los Angeles.

Program Development

Funding from the Named Education Fund and contributions from other donors will also help CAM’s educational department research and develop potential new projects that benefit local schools. While only a small number of programming concepts become reality, the effort it takes to nurture them from the conception stage requires a great deal of staff time. Your funding would ensure a continuous steady supply of programs and exhibits from the museum.

Classroom Materials

All the student-targeted exhibits and programs at CAM utilize take-away classroom materials. Your contribution helps subsidize the creation, printing, and packaging of classroom materials that teachers can use and incorporate into their lesson plans after the students visit the museum.

Donor Recognition

Your contribution in creating a Named Education Fund will be gratefully acknowledged in our quarterly newsletter, which reaches 10,000 influential readers in the region. Donors who contribute $5,000 or more have the option to create an Education Fund of a chosen name. Named Education Funds of $5,000 or more will be added to the Donor Wall.

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