A Moment In Your Family History

photo for exhibition page

A Moment in Your Family History is part of a series of biennial art competitions hosted by the Chinese American Museum and the Chinese American Citizens Alliance.  The art competition began in 1995 to showcase the artistic talents of students.  It has now evolved into a platform encouraging students to explore their cultural heritage through the visual arts.   The theme of A Moment in Your Family History asked participants to discover a moment in their family history that helped shape who they are today.

The competition received hundreds of submissions.  On display are 14 winners from the competition.  These artworks not only demonstrate the participants’ artistic abilities; but also examine personal cultural heritage, family memories, immigration stories, and identity.

The biennial art competition is open to students from grade kindergarten to twelve. Entries are placed and judged in four divisions according to grade level: Division 1 (K-3); Division 2 (4-6); Division 3 (7-9); and Division 4 (10-12).

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance is a national, non-partisan, community active, cultural and social non-profit organization founded in 1895.  More information about the Alliance and their youth programs is available at www.cacala.org.