Ink Painting and Construction of Contemporary Chinese Art

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Ink Painting And Construction Of Contemporary Chinese Art

From Qiu Deshu’s inked paper collage to Cai Guangbin’s black and white photography inspired images, and Wang Dongling’s action calligraphy to Zou Cao’s fingerprint landscape painting, this group exhibition of twelve artists showcases the diversity and innovation in contemporary Chinese ink art. Audacious, refreshing, and dexterous, the artists demonstrate their effort in breaking through the boundaries of tradition. With their experiments in subject matter, material application and execution, and in introducing contemporary vocabulary such as mixed media, conceptual art, action painting and abstraction to ink art, these artists seek new possibilities to create a dialogue with contemporary art in other parts of the world. Ink Painting And Construction Of Contemporary Chinese Art will be on view from January 22 through March 29, 2015.

Special thanks to the Cai Family.

Featured Artists: Qiu Deshu, Wang Dongling, Li Huayi, Pan Gongkai, Lu Fusheng, Zhang Hong, Gan Yifei, Wang Tiande, Zheng Chongbin, Cai Guangbin, Lu Chuntao, Li Huai, and Zou Cao

Curated by: Kuiyi Shen, University of California, San Diego

Organized by: Danielle Shang, University of California, Los Angeles