Locus: Community Abstractions

Locus: Community Abstractions

Locus: Community Abstractions is an Instagram-exclusive mini-series, created and executed by Gabbi Pulasky and Dahlia Wang, CAM’s 2022 Getty Marrow Interns. This mini-series features LA-based Chinese Americans that are innovating tradition in their respective creative practices. 

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This mini-series runs from August 15 – August 19, 2022. 

Featured Creatives 

Monday, August 15th @ 12 – 4 PM PDT  – Jess Wang (she/they) – Pastry Chef, Fermenter, + Micro Business Owner

Wednesday, August 17th @ 12 – 4 PM PDT – Ren Ye (they/them) Tattoo + Multimedia Artist

Friday, August 19th @ 12 – 4 PM PDT – Christina Chu (she/her) – GuZheng Performer

Locus: Community Abstractions is a social media mini-series where LA-based Chinese Americans discuss their artistry and alterations on tradition. The name “locus” is a combination of the words ‘local’ and ‘focus.’ On its own, it refers to the theoretical location of something abstract. One Instagram Reel and takeover per creative was the medium through which we explored our themes.