Standing Together Against Hate 團結一致反對仇恨

The Board of Directors and Staff of the Chinese American Museum are sickened by the news that eight innocent victims, including six Asian American women, were murdered at the hands of a gunman who went on a killing spree March 16, targeting three Atlanta, Georgia area spas.

Our hearts are broken over these senseless deaths, and we grieve alongside the families and friends of the victims.

Even as we mourn, we are outraged! As a community, we know that the pandemic is the excuse that these haters are using to justify and carry out their despicable deeds. These acts have brought to light the underlying culture of hate that the Chinese American community and other communities of color continually endure. The love-hate relationship of how our people are viewed, either the dirty foreigner or the model minority, results in our men being ridiculed as weak and our women sexualized.

This systematic acceptance of hate has now risen to the surface, with the harmful rhetoric becoming the norm, leading to deadly consequences.

The organization ‘Stop AAPI Hate’ has documented 3,800 accounts of harassment, verbal attacks, and violence from all 50 states, especially violence directed at our helpless elders. The statistics substantiated our fears that anti-Asian sentiment has been intensifying since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

The leadership of the Chinese American Museum stands against hate! We are dedicated to proactively assisting and educating the public to recognize and help eradicate race-based crimes in all its forms.

If you are a victim of Anti-Asian hate and/or incidents, please contact and report it to one of these organizations dedicated to assisting victims:

OCA Asian Pacific American Advocates Hate Incident Reporting:
Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center:
Asian Americans Advancing Justice’s Stand Against Hatred:
ADL Hate Tracker:
Los Angeles vs. Hate:
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Civil Rights/Hate Crimes:
National Center for Victims of Crime provides resources to victims of crime:
L.A. County 211 community services hub:






「停止針對亞太裔的仇恨」 (Stop AAPI Hate)組織記錄了來自全美50個州的3,800宗騷擾、語言攻擊和暴力事件,特別是針對我們無助長者的暴力行為。統計數據證實了我們的擔憂,即自2020年3月疫情大流行以來,反亞裔情緒持續加劇。



「停止針對亞太裔的仇恨」 舉報中心: